How to Estimate Cost of Dental Treatment and Duration in India

ProcedureCost Range in India (USD)*Cost Range in India (INR)Estimated Hospitalisation Duration
Dental implant - Each1000 - 200063500 - 127000As out patient / 2 stages over 3 months
CROWN full ceramic140 - 2408890 - 15240As out patient
Root Canal treatment120 - 2007620 - 12700As out patient/ 3- 4 sittings
Facial cosmetic restoration1500 - 600095250 - 381000As out patient


If you can afford to go to the dentist at all, then you can afford to travel overseas for treatment – and throw in a vacation for free!
As dental prices climb and insurance cover decreases, alternatives to expensive dental care have become less of a luxury and more of a need.
Imagine this: You could fly to Goa in India , lie on the beach for a week, get your teeth whitened and have a new porcelain crown made and placed – all for less than the price of a single crown back home.
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