Why you need a portable wifi hotspot in India?

In India, there are a lot of cafes & restaurants which offer free wifi. But at a very low speed. You really can not get everything that you would need to. There is a chance that wifi zones are not there at all in tier 2 or 3 cities. The best bet is to get a Data SIM card. This is where we step in.
Do what you are here to do - just travel!

Get Trabug!
You get more than a portable hotspot. You get a smartphone with a super fast 4G connection and unlimited data.

get unlimited data SIM card in india

Trabug gets you

  1. Unlimited data 4G internet speed.
  2. Personal wifi password so no one else can use
  3. Can connect upto 5 devices.
  4. You can also use Trabug for calling
  5. Enjoy curated content on the go, designed for foreign travellers